Flint Creek/ Tennessee River Junction Decatur Alabama


Old Fishing Hole

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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It was not as cool this morning but still cool enough that the OFM headed out for another long walk even though his leg muscles were a bit hesitant (sore). After a few yards he decided to pick up the pace as much as felt decent to him. So the stride lengthened and the stride frequency increased until he entered into aerobic mode.  Then he just kept the pace at that level to be safe.

Sure enough we made the whole route but at the last we had slowed down a bit. He was feeling frisky we guess since he even tried some gentle jogging just to see if he could. Right quickly the knees vetoed that idea so it was back to only one foot off the ground at a time walking. At least we know now.

We noticed a seldom used trail had had some maintenance on it so we cut over onto it to check it out. We think it is called Indian Head Trail and it is .81 miles per the sign at the entrance. Here is what it looks like with the red rock surface.

It loops around in the forest and finally comes by a pond that we have been assured is full of nice crappie to catch. Naturally the OFM cannot miss out on an opportunity for some nice fishing. Check out this photo taken from the upper end of the pond. The interesting part is the other end sticks out into hole 2 of the golf course and the OFM has donated a few golf balls to the well being of the critters in the pond.

On our way out of the path we found the only flower we saw on that path today. It is named White Flower and smells really nice.

After finishing the morning exercise it was off to the stores shopping and having lunch out. Then back to the Castle for some messing around and a long napppppppppppppppp.

After the short nap, the OFM decided to do some colored pencil work on a painting. Then it was supper time and the after supper nice meander around the campground. It was a nice finish to a day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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