Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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The campground was awake early this morning so the OFM rolled out of bed sooner than he planned. It turned out to be a good thing since it was almost cool this morning. Summer is definitely here.

The usual stuff was taken care of and the OFM stepped out the door to get on with the walk. A sudden decision was made to take a different set of loops of the trail system. He made a so called educated choice and away we went. A path most of the time on paved surface was his choice for this morning exercise event.

We went out the entrance to the campground and took the left turn towards Decatur. It is a pretty decent path with pleasant scenery along the way.

After a good bit of walking we came to the other end of the private road that loops around the golf course. A right turn took us out thataway for a nice distance. 

 A slough off of the Tennessee River goes through a culvert under our path and provides water for another water hazard on the golf course. It is a nice view on a warm morning. The shade from the trees was getting to be very welcome.

Onward we went for a short distance. Then we took a left turn where the gravel path you have been seeing the other end off comes back into the loop road.  It is nicely shaded which was a welcome sight.

The OFM had looked it up on Google to see where to turn back. As we strode meaningfully forward and enjoyed the views along the way his attention was diverted.  Suddenly we came to a gravel slinging sliding halt. EEERRRRRKKKKKKK

The OFM looked around us and proclaimed he had missed the turnaround point.  OOPS  So we turned around and headed back. At least we did get turned around in time that his legs had enough ability to get The OFM Walking Team back to the Castle. However it was evident that we had gone a bit farther than his legs  really wanted to by the time we returned to the Castle. Apparently we need another look at the map before doing this route again.

Maybe that will be the worst thing that ever happens to us while we are out trying to have tooooo much fun.

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