Started Sweetly

Adventure Location: Decatur, Alabama
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A nice cool 59 degree morning welcomed the OFM to wakefulness. We eased into that awake nonsense for a little while. Then it was breakfast and wash the dishes before going for a walk to see what the OFM can handle.

A gentle walk through the campground lead us to the soccer field opening to the pathways. OOOPS the passage is closed by a construction fence for something to support the soccer  activities. An about face took us back about thirty feet to the other trail opening to head out for the fishing bridge area.

The sunshine wiggling down into the trail tunnel made for a nice morning welcome from nature.

The cool morning air, the comfortable humidity and the pleasant quietness of the woods made for a wonderful meander along the trails. We went up and over the fishing bridge with a pause or three to view the views and moseyed on down to the four way split in the trails.

After standing for a few minutes feeling the leg joints to see which way to choose, the OFM chose to head back on around the slough to the original trail and keep the distance down.
But when we got back to the next branching trail that lead behind hole 2 of the golf course, the OFM HAD to meander over that way to check out the golf course. Along the road was more of them fragrant intoxicating flowers. 

These white ones supplied the strongest fragrance.

But this light blue trumpets supplied an almost iridescent glowing blue. The light blue came out almost white in the photo. We plan to attempt to get a better picture tomorrow.

From there we went back through the tunnel of sun splotches to the campground. The Castle was glad to see us back safely. The OFM body was just starting to complain, so we know the little over a mile walk must have been just about right.

It certainly made a good start for a day of trying to have tooooo much fun. 

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