Nice Morning


The Eye Knows

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
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The wind finally got more reasonable and the water cleared. After hitting up the Walmart and loading Sierra with some bags of groceries the OFM maneuvered Sierra down by the harbor. With the water looking so good the OFM just had to do a bit of fishing. The food needing refrigeration would just have to wait.

Second cast WHAM good fish on but we never got to see it. It got rid of the hook and escaped. The OFM kept on fishing and in a few minutes WHAM another good fish on. This one stayed attached to the line and was landed. The OFM reached for the camera and found that he did not have it with him. What a foolish mistake!

Anyway the OFM measured the speckled trout at 18.5 inches. Then the fish was sent back to fight another day. It was time to get the groceries to some refrigeration so we left for the Castle. It seemed like none of the groceries were damaged but it was definitely time for some cooling on the food.

Later while looking for pictures needing taking we came across a very sweet fragrance drifting through the parking lot. We followed the fragrance across the parking lot to this bush that  was starting to bloom. WOW that stinks pretty.

We happened to notice the pelican statue on the porch of the Education Building. The eye of the pelican seemed to be following us around the area. We sneaked around and came up on the porch to grab a picture. Click and we had the picture. Yep the pelican was watching us.

The rest of the day was spent visiting folks and the OFM just runnnnnnnning his mouth about travels and RVing. Man that guy can talk forever. Anyway it was a great day starting with a good fish and finishing with good conversations. It was a really good effort at trying to have tooooo much fun.

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