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Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
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The Original Vallarta Restaurant is where the Teams head for the Chicken Fried Chicken meal on Friday nights. It is a well done meal that is sized just right to fill the OFM but not run out his ears. It is definitely a low rent establishment, but the food is decent and moderately priced.

Here is the front of the building. It is located on Business 35 going through Rockport. The subdued color scheme makes it hard to spot.

When you open the front door you know you have stepped into a place without many frills. However the owner does decorate it for every event during the year. Right now it is decorated for Easter.

The main dining room is to your back left after you enter. The decor remains the same style as you can see in this picture.

The service is good and the cooking is fine. It is definitely not a gourmet place but is good solid food at an appropriate price. For over ten years we have found it to be a decent place for eating. There is a LOT of other folks that seem to think the same way. The parking lot can be very full some nights, so plan on getting there a bit early the next time.

And when you come out of the restaurant, the back road to the harbor gives you another place for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. A restaurant does not have to be fancy to be good. Gotta love a good meal for a good price.

  2. That sounds like our kind of place. nothing fancy just good tasty food at a reasonable price. Love fried chicken too.

  3. For someone like me who likes to eat, that place sounds perfect for me.

  4. It looks welcoming and clean. Add to that good food at a reasonable price and you have a winner. Testament to that is you have been a returning customer for over 10 years.