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Glowing Red Flower


Ballet Abilities

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
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The last couple of months here in Rockport have been less than the best ever. Between wet cool fronts, dark gray skies and excessive winds there have been few fun days. This day was a few days ago and turned out fairly nicely.

Down at the Fulton Harbor is a breakwater that has a barred fence to keep folks off it. It is a dangerous spot but the Teams occasionally see a fool out on the sixteen inch wide concrete top. Here is the reason the city wants folks to stay off the breakwater.

Too many folks have gone swimming when they tried to show off their abilities on the slime covered breakwater. Off course they did a good job of showing their intelligence level when they went out there.

Meanwhile, back at the Rockport Beach the new dunes bridge was looking good, but when the OFM tried to walk on it he found the curvature of the surface to be very difficult to negotiate. The walking surface is a hemi-circle. The first part is very vertical and if a bit wet you can expect to show your ballet on ice abilities while trying to walk on the bridge. But it is pretty if not useful.

When we crossed the useful bridge in the picture above, we found the tide was way out. Some sea birds were having a nice gathering to discuss their summer plans.

Then we meandered over to the bird sanctuary section of the beach park. It was here we found this nice picture of the flowers and Little Bay waters. Our surprise was the sea gull in the flowers that we did not see when doing the photography.

After piddling around here for a little bit the OFM piled his enormous hulk back into Sierra and away we went to attempt having tooooo much fun at another location.


  1. This winter and now spring has certainly been "different" here in Texas. Nice pictures!

  2. Chilly, wet, and crowded will be the hallmarks of my travels this last winter, and I'm assuming the El NiƱo caused it, at least the weather part of it. But it appears all that's behind me and the weather for the last month and 1/2 or so has been pretty good. As for the crowds, I don't know if that's the new norm, or just a fluke.


  3. Maybe they all heard that the famous Old Fat Man was going to be there and they just had to get a look at that famous man. . .

  4. All the flowers looked good!

  5. Nice to have those birds come and visit you at the beach.
    We had mostly that kind of weather all winter in our travels, not really nice.