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Adventure Location: Morton, Ms,
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We hit the deck running this morning. Sierra and the Castle were ready to romp and stomp. Everything went well and we were rolling the roads before 8 am. Traffic was nearly non-existent for the whole travel time. The OFM decided that after a bit over 300 miles he was ready for an early shut down. By 3 pm we were set up and ready to ease along.

Roosevelt State Park in Morton, Ms is a great easy and right near I-20 overnight stop. Our site was $17 with full hookups, level concrete slab for parking and showers/restrooms near by. The lake view is pretty good too.

The OFM was ready for some moving around to help his body get lighter sooner. So we grabbed the camera and headed down the campground road. Quickly we found some new things that had been added since last year. A new system of trails that seemed to wind all over the place is in place.

At the Muscadine Trail entrance the OFM dragged us UP the trail from the entrance.

It was up for a bit then started rolling up and down. Off to the sides was natural beauty (and likely poison ivy) in the gulleys. In this next picture of the trail, a massive gully runs steeply down hill to the left and it is choked with trees and vines.

In all the meandering we did the floral fragrances were incredible.  Honeysuckle and other fragrances worked hard at attracting you to the plants to lick the flowers. 

Here is one spot with honeysuckle.

This extremely fragrant white bush was growing next to the lake.

The OFM pooped out quickly so we did not get to see a lot but there was a lot we did not see. Next time we come here maybe we will take a little longer at trying to have tooooo much fun.

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