Kayak Anchor

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
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It was a bright and pretty day and the OFM was in great meandering form. As he waddled along the road looking for adventure, he realized that that building next to the Team had some objects on display he did not recall covering with a blog entry in the past. Obviously that oversight need to be corrected. 

The building is the nautical museum in Rockport and is a great place to visit. We know we covered the exhibits in the past and definitely recommend it for a visit at least once.

What the OFM did not recall was the old anchor on display at the entranceway to the museum. There is not sign to tell you anything about the anchor. Examination will show that the anchor was used and is old.

Then over to the right is another anchor of some historic importance. This one has a sign telling you about its neat development in the world of anchors. The image will need to be clicked to enlarge it for legibility. The Team did not know so much science went into making anchors.

The upper end of the anchor was about shoulder high to the OFM.  It is a massive chunk of metal for sure. DO NOT DROP IT ON YOUR TOE.

Here is the view from the low end.

And here is the rope “tieing on end”.

It would take some mighty muscles to toss that out from your kayak. But we bet the yak would not drift very much either.

This makes it a very successful meander as we searched for tooooo much fun.

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