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Bark Floating


The Critter

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
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The migraine did not hit until mid morning as we were rolling down  a highway. Sierra realized what was happening and got us turned around to head back to the Castle. It was a difficult trip back that made us grateful to be in a relatively small town.

A couple of hours later the OFM got up and around ready for some very light activities. How about some pictures of the “moss” or whatever it is growing on the trees around the campground. It seemed like a decent idea to the OFM so he grabbed the camera, stumbled down the steps and waddled over to the closest tree. It is right near the back corner of the Castle.

He was still in a daze apparently because when we started to edit the photos to show the “moss” there was a little critter looking right into the camera through the “moss”.

As our great luck would have it, none of the other pictures of the “moss” were decently sharp due to OFM shake. However the one with the little critter was just fine. We hope you enjoy it and the “moss”.

After this activity, we put the OFM back on bed rest for a long nap. We also restricted our activities for the rest of the day to minor efforts at trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Tha is a strange looking critter fer sure.

  2. Barney, have you ever had a severe migrant attack while you were towing? I was curious what you did. I guess you pulled over Asap and laid down in the Castle for a while?

    1. Yes. You guessed correctly. I don't go totally blind since about 20 years ago. Now it is just the left side partial blindness with flashing lights. When the pain starts a little later is when I really have to pull over. The good part is that the migraines usually take ten to twenty minutes to get going so I do get some warning so I can get off the road safely.

  3. Nice that you git home to rest when that migraine arrived. It had been over 30 years since I had one and sure don't miss them.
    Love your critter pic.

  4. Great bizarre looking critter pic! Mutant moray eel?