Nice Morning


The Decision

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
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It was decision day so the OFM went fishing to think about the choices to be made. Several things have not gone just right this last month and we needed to make a calm rational decision about our future.

After catching another speckled trout and visiting with several friends, the OFM had a home made lunch meal of asparagus, bell pepper and chicken to satisfy his hunger pains. It certainly was good. More computer time and finally the decision was made.

The OFM Teams will roll directly from Rockport, Texas to Decatur, Alabama towards the end of April. The considered loops into New Mexico and West Texas will not happen. That ten days and thousand miles of travel will be used for fishing, beach play and thrills on the Texas coast.

The final analysis is if we are having lots of fun here, why leave until it is time to head to grandkid land? Now the OFM can relax and work harder at trying to have tooooo much fun here.

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