Nice Morning


Pretty Sky

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
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It was a wonderfully pretty day today. A bit of running taking care of a few things proved to be about all there was for excitement. Here was our skies for all day.

Late in the evening, the owners and the OFM were on the front porch discussing saving the world or why bother. During the conversation the blooming flowers they had in the yard came up. It seems the flowers always bloom at Easter. So the OFM had to get pictures of the blooms.

The first bloom is from next to the carport. Two of about ten blooms were still in good shape. This is the best picture of the ones taken.

The other blooms were in front of the owners front door. It had some slightly different style to its colors.

Then when it got later the meeting broke up and the OFM started his wobbly trip back to the Castle. Then he noticed the evening sky and got lucky with this next photograph.

Even though it was not an exceptionally exciting day, it was still a great for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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