Ate the Whole Thing

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
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Summer got here today in a hot hurry. Sweating was the most popular activity in folks outside for most of the day. The windshield of Sierra needed the folding shade deployed from the very first thing this morning.

We started the day with a long session of fishing along the harbor breakwater. One small fish interrupted the uneventful effort.

Miscellaneous chores occupied a bit of the lunch time and early afternoon. Then it was time to go sweat some more at the fishing pier. Eventually  we found the sweet spot and about a dozen fish were caught. All but one were released back into the water.

There was a heron trying to get the fish the OFM caught before he could throw them back into the water. As the catching progressed the heron got more bold. After the OFM had decked about 8 fish, the heron moved in very close.

As luck would have it a pretty good sized fish was decked and popped loose from the line flopping on the pier. The heron jumped right in and stabbed the fish in the head with its beak like herons do. 
Well no reason to fight it now,that stab would kill the fish. So the OFM backed off and tried to photograph the adventure.

The heron stabbed the fish two more times. Then it was time to get the fish turned head first for swallowing.

Then the fish was worked on until it was head first and headed for a throat trip. That fish looked tooooo big to us but the heron knew better.

Sure enough the heron had to gulp, choke and make a couple of other funny noises as the fish slid on down.

Sure enough the heron was not in much condition to move a lot at first while the fish continued its trip inside the bird. The heron just stood around for several minutes as it stretched to accommodate such a large fish.

Finally after the OFM caught a few more trout, the heron let out a funny little sound and flew away with some wobble to the flying pattern.

It was an incredible event to see at 6-7 feet. This ranks pretty high up the trying to have tooooo much fun list.

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