Dolphin Frolicking

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
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The strong winds around here have really kept the adventures down to a minimum. When we would get out the blowing dirt, sand and other stuff made it a bit unpleasant. But later today the winds calmed a bit and the Teams made a short walk at the Beach Park.

The OFM was meandering slowly near the water’s edge and realized that the bulkhead along the Allegro Channel was not doing well. Before Hurricane Harvey it was old and worn. Now it has lots of really bad spots in it. Here is a picture of one location where you can even see the rebar in the concrete is badly rusted.

Replacing that bulkhead will be a very expensive proposition to say the least.

As we meandered on along the breakwater, we noticed it was much worse than before Harvey also. However it still seems to be holding up better than the concrete bulkhead. 

From out on the breakwater it was possible to see that repair from Hurricane Harvey was still going on in the Key Allegro subdivision. At least it seems to be still moving along. Here is an example of a fishing cabin on the water that is getting a lot closer to livable than it was a few months ago.

As usual, it is spring so natural things are doing well. These little flowers were about the size of a quarter and quite pretty dancing in the wind.

When we were out on the breakwater, some dolphin were feasting along the shoreline. They would swim along about 10 feet away rolling up and looking at the Teams and quickly be gone. This went on for at least fifteen minutes. However it was not in the possibilities that we could get a photo. We got lots of photos of fresh wavelets in the surface where they had been. But the dolphin were quicker than an OFM.

After the dolphin show we headed back to Sierra. It certainly felt great to get inside the shelter of Sierra’s cab.

The OFM did some more getting rid of stuff from the cabinets in preparation for rolling in the near future. Then he made a list of some items to decide if we really want to carry that stuff around or not. If he keeps at it we will soon down to only enough stuff to fill a Walmart plastic bag, but that might not be all bad. Actually after watching the three rigs that left here in the last two days it might be a good thing. Those nice folks put stuff away for three days in preparation to rolling. The campground owner says the Teams can set up or get ready to roll faster than any other RVer he can recall coming through here.

Personally we feel that being able to set up or pack up that quickly is a great thing. It gives you a lot more time for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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