Fish Bites

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
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More wind and nasty wave action hit us today. The breakwater and other parts of the harbor were messed up for fishing, but the OFM fished anyway.

We had to go over to the beach park and shoot pictures from the Rockport Beach to get decent wave action shots. According to Google this next picture was taken from about a 1/4 mile away. It has been computer enhanced and worked on a bit. The spray makes the camera have trouble seeing the items involved in the wave action. Again the little camera amazed the OFM.

The wave hit the end of the breakwater and washed over onto the road that dead ends at the breakwater. We meandered our way over there to try for a closer picture but the angles were wrong and EVERYTHING within about a hundred yards of the breakwater was soaked. The camera is not built to stand up to a saltwater soaking.

Later the OFM decided to try his hand at fishing in the harbor.  He had not bottom fished for years so it was off to Walmart for a couple of bottom fishing things. FishBites fish bait caught his attention. They worked well several years ago and had supposedly been vastly improved. So we purchased a package to try out again.

We are happy to report that they worked pretty well. The strip of bait is dry when you open the package so your hands stay fairly clean.  Cut off a chunk about 2 inches long and put it on the hook. Chunk your rig into the water and wait for the attack.

We fished for about an hour and caught an 8 inch croaker which went back into the water. Then a heavy duty hardhead catfish sucked up the fishbite and the fight was on. It pulled line off the reel five or six times during the fight. When it was brought alongside the dock to be lifted onto the dock we found it to be a larger than we normally see hard head catfish. It went back in also.

It was longer than the OFM’s shoe and nearly as wide at the front end as the OFM’s shoe and the OFM wears 5E shoes. The light trout rod knew it had been in a battle.

Shortly after that catch the wind picked up some more and the slightly protected spot we were in started to get rough too. So the Teams voted to get out of there before we got soaked. And we did leave.

We think that getting to take some neat pictures and catch a couple of fish was a pretty good effort at trying to have tooooo much fun.

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