Office Jitters

Adventure Location: Aransas Pass, TX
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We do not know when we were last in a drivers license office the last time, but we do recall never wanting to be in one again. The OFM checked online about renewing his license today and found out he had to go in to an office due to new restrictions he had not fulfilled.

It was struggle to think but the OFM was certain that six years ago we had renewed it online. Then after thinking a bit more we realized that that meant that it was when we came back from working in Washington State and changed back to Texas drivers license was the last time we had been in a DL office. That would have been in late October 2007 soon after we started rolling and a couple of weeks before Old Fat Man Adventures started. The OFM is getting OLD.

We did hit the office on a very slow day. The OFM accidentally had the paper work they needed to move us into the current century for a change. So some questions answered and fingerprinting came first. Yep his fingers still have ridges on them. Then it was new picture time. The poor camera cracked a lens and smoked a bit but the picture was done.

Then it was eye testing. The OFM told them glasses were needed so we did not even test with out glasses because the OFM could not even find the testing machine without his glasses. We passed easily with the cheaters on his nose. Then it was almost over.  $26 dollars please the nice clerk requested. The credit card did the magic and it was over with. Now we have a printed piece of paper to be our drivers license until the real thing comes in the mail someday. We are now licensed until August 2025 drive the highways of the USA.

A couple of quick Thank You’s and we were out the door a just under thirty minutes. It was a miracle.

Outside it was hot and blowing waves over the pier at the harbor. So we went home to plan our get away in a week or so for Alabama and maybe a few adventures before we leave. You know it is not allowed to run around without at least trying to have tooooo much fun.

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