Camera Report

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
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Time for a camera report of sorts. The sickly OFM did not do well with his foggy brain from this virus when he tried to read the camera instructions. So what you see tonight is all we have. There is four on location pictures.The same subject from the same spot from inside Sierra out of the cold wet breeze about 1730 this evening.

The first one is a non-zoom picture of a bird that wishes it had flown on down to Acapulco for the winter. A red arrow points at the bird. All four pictures are straight auto everything except the zoom. That was done manually. 

Then the zoom of the bird really not pleased with the local weather. The Teams have the same feelings.

Then we moved Sierra around the corner to take a pair of pictures of a closer subject. According to Google Earth the piling was about 30 yards away.

Here is the non-zoom picture that shows basically what your eye shows.

Then we manually zoomed full in and let the auto features of the camera do their job and here is the result.

Finally we grabbed a picture of the box showing the features of the camera. 

The camera joined the Teams for a cost of under $120. The main feature the OFM wanted was the image stabilization. He fidgits so much it really helps him.

As he slowly gets better he can now get out for photos while trying to have tooooo much fun.

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