Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
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The day started cold and wet but by noon it was upper 60‘s and bright sunshine. By evening it was overcast and a bit chilly. During all this weather the OFM Teams managed to have some fun.

A nice chunk of time was spent fishing at the Harbor. The Teams did not catch any fish but they did have lots of visiting with new to the area Winter Texans.

As the shadows grew long in the evening three moochers (birds) came to visit the lone fisherman left at the harbor wall. He was catching small perch and chunking them out onto the pavement for the birds to eat. Those birds were keeping careful eye on things.

One on top of the nearby building  could leap into the air and swoop down to grab a fish. It was very diligent about its job.

Two others roamed around on the ground awaiting their chance to grab a fish. They even tried to get the fisherman’s bait.

It was Dingaling’s job to keep the birds away from the fisherman’s the bait. Who is Dingaling you might ask? Well we are happy to present to you Dingaling.

Dingaling is about 7 pounds of delightful small puppy. She is very friendly and considers it her job to gather all the polite pettings she can while she is at the fishing area. Her owner has a bell attached to the bottom of her halter that dings as she walks or runs. We do not know her official name but she does answer to Dingaling when the OFM calls her. She understands that when you are reeling in or fighting a fish that she stands back until you are ready for her. She waits for you to indicate to come on over for a petting. She is a really neat puppy.

As the evening came to a close the OFM grabbed the camera and went to a short pier to get a picture of sunset. Well sunset was not so spectacular but we did get a late evening picture with the Parks and Wildlife Research boats in their moorings. 

We topped the day off taking pictures, fishing, watching moochers fight each other and getting a nice evening picture of the harbor. That made it a pretty decent day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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