Morning Sun


The End and The Beginning

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX

OK here we are safely back in Rockport Tx where there is help and supplies to complete the improvements to the Castle. We pulled out of San Pedro Thursday around 1100 and rolled carefully. 

The Teams telephone also had failed so we were rolling without being able to call for help in worse case situations. But it all rolled well and we made a first time happening for the Teams. We spent the night at the Rockport Walmart. It was a very pleasant night of decent sleeping and the first time we ever over nighted at Walmart..

Friday morning the OFM awoke and fixed breakfast of eggs and ham. After washing the dishes it was into the store for a bit of food shopping. Then we rode around the harbor and went to The Quiet One RV Park to settle in for a month. We are guessing we can get everything done within the month. That includes repairs, remodels and decisions about the next travels.

This afternoon we visited old friends to let them know we are back in town. We were warmly greeted and welcomed. Tomorrow is the day we finally get to get busy with all the required efforts.

Tonight is when the OFM is going to be trying to have tooooo much fun sleeping long and hard.

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