Fire Pit

Adventure Location: Del Rio, TX
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A nice quiet area here is the group campground through the brush a bit. We take the winding road from our camping area to it when the OFM wants some peace and quiet. The area has the usual large covered area with grills and seating for about fifty. Nearby is two vault toilets. About an acre is kept mowed.

What we paid attention to was the fire pit area. The flag pole was new to us even if it had been there for years so we headed over to check it out.

We were surprised to see the well built pit was lined with firebrick and about five feet across. That is a nice thing for sure. No exploding rocks that way. A good size pile of kindling was close by. 

The concrete benches were reasonably close by to the pit. Over all it is about the best fire pit arrangement we have ever seen. Even the vegetation is cut back far enough to prevent unwanted fires happening.

After giving the fire pit our stamp of approval we headed over to see how the vegetation is doing in its job of getting ready for spring. 
The mesquite is starting to grow new leaves and buds are in good supply. This picture includes a spider web strand to let us know the spiders are ready to dance.

Back over in some old grass is a few  old trimmings rotting back to soil. They are getting some help from a fungi we have not noticed before. These are basically pure white. They were hard at work reducing wood tissue dirt.

And just to keep the Teams happy some pretty yellow flowers were blooming nearby to reinforce that spring is nearly here.

We are ready for spring for certain. The group area is a good nearby place for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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