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South Texas


Sunset Contest

Adventure Location: Del Rio, TX
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It was another busy day but at least the OFM got in some serious walking. More new folks came in and the OFM met more interesting folks. That seems to be a habit with him. During the many short walks the camera was getting a work out. Good grief WHAT A WORKOUT.

A lot of jaw working and lip flapping went on several times today. When it was time to go in tonight it was late and the OFM is pooped. So tonight we have a sunset contest. Let us know which of these sunsets you prefer. They were taken this evening about three minutes apart.

 Here is sunset a

and here is sunset b

We hope you have as much fun choosing as we did trying to have tooooo much fun taking them.


  1. I like the second one best. Both are beautiful.

  2. Just can't beat a West TX sunset.

  3. I like "A" except for the man-made tower that shows up in the picture. I love nature's handiwork a lot better than man's.

  4. All Sunsets hold their own beauty.
    I like them both but it looks like there are Waterspots on your lens.
    Getting great Sunset Pictures is a great way of having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy what nature has to offer.

    It's about time.

  5. I like both of them also, taking sunsets are some of my favorite pictures, only because I'm too lazy to get up at sunrise.

    The spots could be spots on the lens, but more than likely there dust and other goobers on the sensor, which is a lot more difficult to deal with.


  6. I like them both, but the trees in the second one push that one up for me. So, "B" gets my vote.