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South Texas


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Adventure Location: Del Rio, TX
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What a day it has been! First as breakfast was prepared the propane tank ran empty. The OFM chunked on some warm and ran outside to switch it over. Why doesn’t he leave it on automatic switchover? Because it works so good that when he notices it is on the second tank and empty is when there is not propane left for the burners. Switching the regulator over lets him know that a tank needs refilling. So we never run out of propane this way.

Then we finally diagnosed a trouble with the solar battery bank. It is called total failure. The two batteries would show 13.04 volts. Then turn on an led light and in an hour it would be down to 12.2 volts or less. When it was all said and done a new battery from Walmart was installed and the two year and a half AGM batteries were eliminated from the Teams.

But the good news is that we stumbled upon a mountain laurel bush that was blooming early this year.

They certainly make beautiful blossoms that seem to glow in the sunlight.

Now the OFM is heading to take a couple of bottles of ibuprofen after all the squatting, lifting and general discomforting positions he had to assume while taking the old batteries from under his bed.  Putting the new battery in was less stress since it was about 15 pounds lighter.

So tomorrow  he will be likely looking for easier tasks for trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Good that you did not run out pf propane. And did get to finish eating. Too bad about you batteries, you should be good to go again for a while once again.

  2. Do I take that to mean that you're now Boondocking on one battery?

    Is there any chance that your converter or your solar controller may not be working properly and might have prematurely killed the batteries?

    I also keep one of my propane tanks closed so it doesn't automatically transfer, for the exact same reason you do.


    1. Yep one battery for the moment until I see what that works out like. Tonight the one batt has outlasted the double agm by two hours already.
      The converter is not being used in my rig. Just the solar for several years now. I have two parallel controllers and I do not know of a trouble with the controllers. They seem to be working fine. But I cannot rule out trouble with one or both solar controllers

  3. The mountain laurel is beautiful, and I also love rhododendron. Makes hiking in the mountains worthwhile.

  4. We now carry a Third Propane Tank so that we won't run out.
    Our Five and Six year old AGMs are still running strong even after being depleted a few times. (Forgot the old Incandecent Security Lights on all night.Just ask Awesome George. All Lights are now LED.) Sounds like something is sucking the juice out of your batteries. Make certain your Converter is not on and the Fridge is on Propane.
    Having to change out Batteries is not a good way of having tooooo much fun.
    Be Safe and Enjoy those beautiful flowers.

    It's about time.

  5. I tried two different sets of AGM's and has similar results, though mine weren't quite as bad as yours. Both my sets of AGM's lasted far less than expected, about the same as I would expect out of flooded batteries that cost half as much. I have switched back to flooded and am happy, though I do make it a point to check water level every quarter to ensure they last as long as possible.

    1. The last AGM batts cost me $315 each plus tax and the one yesterday that is lead acid cost $97 drive out with a one year warrenty. The Interstae AGM batts had no warrenty.