Busy Month Planned

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX

Things are moving well on the modifications of the Castle. We signed up for a month at this campground which will end March 15. The weather should be much warmer by then and traveling and camping nicer.

The new lamps have all been mounted and are working out wonderful. LED lamps are expensive for sure. The OFM says his eyes can see better with the bright white light we have now. That is good but the rest of the Teams wish the bright light could make him a “bright” person. No such luck, we are stuck with what we have. Oh well.

We have plans to be busy for the next month trying to get everything the Teams can figure out that needs to be done, done. The location change for the Castle’s battery will have to wait a day or so until the saturated wet ground has dried enough. The OFM has to go under the Castle to get to the access panel for the re-routing of the battery wires back out to the trailer tongue.

Putting the batteries inside several years ago turned out to have one big hangup. It was virtually impossible to get to them with jumper cables to start the tow vehicle if it needed a jump. At the same time it was the same trouble to attempt to put significant power into the battery from the tow vehicle. When this change back to trailer tongue mounted battery is complete that big nuisance will be fixed. And yes we have needed both of those abilities in the past.

The other big chore is to make a serious attempt at getting the income tax filed. Some years that chore seems a lot worse than others. But the good part about income tax is that if you did not make any money you do not owe any tax. Property tax is tax owed no matter if you earned any money or not.

This stuff, some water oriented fun and being in Decatur Al on April 29 is all the plans we have for now. So lets all get out there and try to have tooooo much fun.

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