Flopping Critters

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
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Yes Sir that is some nasty foggy wet air we had today. It was chilly too. But the OFM braved the elements to fight with fish this morning. All told he landed four speckled trout that were 1/2“ too short each to be legal.

Since they all came from the same school it was expected that they would be nearly identical in size. 

After an hour or so a drizzly rain fog moved in and we went back to the Castle to hibernate.

Along about 1500 the weather abated a little bit so the OFM went back out to pier at the harbor and tried a new lure.  It worked. A 17“ legal speckled trout hit it with vigor. It was considerably  more of a fighter since it was a good bit heavier than the previous fish had been.

About the same time it went back into the water the dolphins moved into the area. That put an end to the fish catching for a little while. When the dolphins moved out the drizzly cold fog moved in. We gave up and headed to the Castle.

These two fish pictures were the first two taken with the new camera. We still have to read and study the instructions to learn how to properly operate the camera. It is much lighter than the last camera since it uses a much smaller battery pack. More details will be given when we understand what the camera is capable of doing.

In the mean time, we noticed that some of the flowers at the harbor are breaking open their buds so we hope for fresh flower pictures pretty soon.

Catching fish and taking pictures of spring flowers is really a nice way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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