Adventure Location: Del Rio, TX
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We think the electrical problem has been solved. After we got a full battery early this morning from the solar panels, the OFM set up the old inverter with an ammeter for testing. We found that with the inverter “turned off” it was still drawing 2.8 amps. What for or why we did not care. It was wrong and now has a new home.

This evening late we have a nice voltage reading again. Instead of 12.08 we have this beautiful set of numbers.

So now we are back to living but with some new modifications to the Castle planned over the next few days.  Tomorrow will be a shopping day with modifications made if we can find the right items.

In the meantime the wind has been mean today. It was 37F this morning and 68F by noon. But the wind has made life outdoors a bit unpleasant. Today we also had to go dump black and gray and take on 40 gallons of fresh water. It is an easy job but the OFM just hates to break camp without going somewhere else. But he did.

When we got set up the OFM decided to park Sierra to block the mean wind from the water heater flame.  For some silly reason he wants hot water for a shower tonight. The water heater is visible behind the spare tire. The heater is to the far side not actually behind the spare tire. 

Supposedly we are through with the nights of cold weather now for the rest of our stay. That would be nice.

We are hoping we are back to a regular blogging schedule again.  Surely there is nothing else that could go wrong to stop us from trying to have tooooo much ufn.

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