Morning Sun


Progress we hope.

Adventure Location: Del Rio, TX

It seems to be that we are making progress. The battery charged up well this morning from just about dead to full by1030 at 13.32 volts. Then some testing of the 12/120 inverter did not seem right so it was taken out of service.

Another way of recharging the computer and hotspot is being tried out at this time.

The Del Rio RV parts supply place has taken a huge leap in improvement. The parts supply is greatly better than even last year. They had a battery box we have been wanting at a competitive price.

Then the OFM got to looking at LED lighting for the dining/everything table. The 120 volt light bar and the incandescent double lamp light fixture could easily be replaced with one simple double fixture and cut back tremendously on the clutter as well as the electricity consumed. One came home with us.

This is being typed by the light from 1/2 of the new light. It has a dim/bright  switch. It is really wonderful. We think that tomorrow we may have a short list of a couple more LED lamps to replace those incandescent lights that get used a lot. It certainly gives the Castle a lot cleaner look inside.

The repairs are not complete but we hope the testing through tonight will prove the damage has been taken care of and we are on the road to getting all squared away again.

It has not been much fun so we are really excited about getting back to trying to have tooooo much fun soon.

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