Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Crumpled Home

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
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The OFM is definitely not doing fantastic but maybe a little less rough. He did get out to the BBQ meal until at the last of it so he contaminated the minimal number of folks.

Here is a picture of the front yard where the event was held. At the peak there was standing room only.

The OFM is still not near healed but seems to be less miserable for now.

We got a picture of a house a couple of streets over from the campground. It was a two story with a pergola on top of the second story.  A few weeks ago it imploded somewhat and is definitely not a place to wander around. It is just one of MANY wrecked houses that are not getting cleaned up in Rockport. 

The OFM has really sore torso muscles that cause lots of trouble if coughing is needed. And plenty of coughing is needed still. We are still looking for some way of trying to have tooooo much fun without so much pain,

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