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Adventure Location: Del Rio, TX
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San Pedro Campground was a lonesome place for most of the day today. About noon the OFM  went out and took a couple of pictures of the campground. Here is looking right.

Here is looking left.

Now that is an empty feeling. About an hour before dark five more rigs arrived for the night.  The rig that had been here since the Teams arrived pulled out about dark. So tomorrow the OFM could be without any neighbors again and that is wonderful.

After lunch the OFM grabbed his spotty pictures camera and headed to 277 South public area to mess around. Here we go down the hill to the entrance where he learned a lesson about truck doors.

We started to meander along the brush to our left. A few feet along and the brush next to us exploded. The OFM Teams nearly fainted. Critters were going every direction it seemed. Then we saw what it was. Three goats had been in the brush about ten feet away and panicked. As they went hurtling up the adjacent slope the OFM went looking for his heart that had leapt from his body in the excitement. Eventually the heart was found and reinserted so we could go on meandering. NO we did not get a picture of the blur of goats going up the hillside.

We meandered down to the lake and messed around looking at the water and remembering kayak trips out from that launch. We generally went along the cliffs way on up to a smaller canyon that went a long way. The scenery was always fantastic.

We made it across the road to take a picture of the cliffs we paddled near back then. The water was about 25 feet higher back then. This lake view always reminds the OFM of good times past.

Oh yeah the lesson. When you park your vehicle on the steep hill with the driver door on the uphill side, ALWAYS get all the way into the vehicle before starting to shut the door.

So the sun went down again and gave us this scene at the campground as it said “goodnight”.

It was another good day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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