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Still Weak

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
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The OFM tried to get to active too soon today. As usual he failed miserably. Sierra’s computer had been screaming at the OFM for a few days now to get the oil changed. The OFM hit Walmart about right this morning and only had one vehicle in line ahead of Sierra for an oil change. So we left the keys with the clerk and went wandering inside the store. 

It did not take long for the OFM to start to understand the reality that he 1) was not well yet, 2) he was very weak and 3) we definitely would be headed back to the Castle when the oil was changed to gain on horizontal time.

The Walmart folks worked well and Sierra was delivered ready to Roll after a bit over an hour. The Castle soon rolled into view and shortly the OFM rolled into bed worn out. About three hours of good sleep later he awoke feeling decent again.

A little lunch was eaten. The weather seemed like it would let us do a bit of gentle fishing so it was off to the fishing pier. In short order the OFM landed an 18“ speckled trout. The camera was back in Sierra at the parking spot WAY over there. So no picture but it was a nice fish.

About four minutes later the OFM could feel something hitting his windbreaker. He glanced around and there was a full blown rain line about twenty feet from him moving quickly. OK reel in fast and head for Sierra. We made it with only dampness. However there was only about a minut to spare, then this is what you could see through the windshield.

We headed for the Castle again. Yep the bed did provide some more horizontal again. The drizzle rain went on for a good time before it quit. After verifying that it was not raining at the harbor four minutes away, we headed out to catch some more trout we thought.

Wrong again as usual. The seafog had socked in the harbor area. If you walked around in it you would be soaked quickly. Here is the scenery.

Back at the Castle the OFM piddled with this and that until nearly dark. We headed back to see if we could find a nice picture hiding somewhere. The best we could get is this one of the saltwater pool in the beach park. The camera made it look a LOT brighter than it was. This is a very lonesome looking scene to us.

At least we were finally able to have the OFM out running around a little bit again. Catching that fish  was the peak of the day for trying to have tooooo much fun,

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