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Meanderthalling Enacted

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
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One of the first things we saw this morning was RED bluebonnets of all things. They are near the harbor pier and in a planter of sorts. They were very pretty even in the scruffy weather we had.

That is the first time the OFM can recollect seeing red bluebonnets before.

A major change in plans has happened. Last night way into the night the OFM was restless about leaving tomorrow. He tossed and turned most of the night but was unable to define the reason for the trouble, except leaving did not seem right. When breakfast was finished, we headed on down to the pier to check out if the fish were still here.

They weren’t but the red bluebonnets shown above got the OFM’s head straightened out. The trouble was we had not had a chance, due to the weather, to do the beach combing we wanted and a couple of other things around the beach areas. It was time to take advantage of our status as meanderthalls and stay as long as we needed or the rent runs out on April 15.

That gives us three weeks for meandering here on the coast. Then it gives us another two weeks meandering on our way to Grandkid Land and the OFM’s tickling duties. A really amazing event was how quickly the unease about the trip went flying away. Since that realization hit home, the OFM has been feeling great,if a bit sleepy. Now we have a good goal and the time to make it happen in decent weather (we hope).  Now it is the Teams turn to get busy trying to have tooooo much fun.

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