Nice Morning


Fish Are Back In Town

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
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The weather was decent. The water action was mild. The OFM Fishing Team went to work mid-morning. Nearly nobody was fishing and definitely no one else caught any fish at all during our three hours of fishing.

But the first fish was only 13 inches and very skinny. It easily went back  into the water to grow up.

After a few more minutes the OFM Teams moved over to a section of the rock pier where we normally catch larger fish. It proved to still be true that the larger fish congregate over by the pier.

The next fish came near the bottom and definitely was larger and longer that the first fish. It was not big by any means but was two inches longer than the minimum legal length of 15 inches. On top of that it was a fat frisky devil.

As time went by and folks stopped to visit we had a great time visiting all the tourists. About an hour after number two came number three and it was a lot more active. It ran back and forth and twice pulled several feet of line against the drag. When it arrived on the pier, it was a lot fatter than number 2 and a half inch longer. Generally speaking it was a nice fish

Number three did a wipeout job on the lure. The internal weight was ripped out, the lure was torn to shreds in several places and the OFM got a little bite while trying to unhook the demon. Check out this shredded lure or whats left of it.

The rest of the day was beautiful to just nice. We definitely had came close to having tooooo much fun.

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