Nice Morning


Great Evening

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
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The Teams did some serious shopping and spent a total of $0 except for the gas expended. The warm sun was nice to be out in, so we were.

Late in the evening after the OFM inhaled the chicken fried chicken supper we headed on down to the harbor to say good bye to the day’s sun. All sorts of funny clouds were forming and the lighting was getting weird. 

We took a fishing pole out onto the pier so we would have an excuse for being there. And of all things the OFM caught another undersized trout. But this one must have come from the South Texas Nuclear Site since it seemed to glow.

Right after the fish the sky began to show off lots of odd formations of clouds and other interesting effects. We watched and took pictures of the evenings activities. Tonight we harvested one from the batch for display. It is kind of cute if a bit odd also.

As we walked back to Sierra we passed the esplanade planted in bluebonnets. They have done well this year. Here is a picture of some white and blue bluebonnets in the esplanade. They really shine when the sun is beaming down on them.

All in all the evening hours were very pleasant. The Teams were diligent in trying to have tooooo much fun.

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