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The Watcher of the Dunes

Adventure Location: Mustang Island State Park, TX
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Continuing Monday’s adventure. Sierra finally found a safe parking spot near the porta-can. That is always handy with an old fat man around. We noticed an unusual lack of sea gulls in the area. There were some but not near as many as we usually have to deal with.

This pair was running around in the wash from the surf action. The tidal pool made for some neat reflections as the birds frolicked around.

The beach had huge amounts of vegetation on it. the OFM has spent a lot of time on the Internet trying to find out what the vegetation is. If a reader knows what it is please comment for us. The vegetation shows up in a couple of pictures. It seems like the OFM once knew but now his failing brain has failed again or is that as usual.

As we meandered our way along the beach, a couple of vehicles with Illinois license plates stopped near the water line. UT OH new beach folks. The doors popped open and a few kids came flying out of the vehicles. A couple of them headed for the pretty blue Man O War balloons to play with them. The OFM just had to save them. He told the kids to not touch the blue balloons because they were dangerous. Quickly an adult member of the group came up close. The OFM told the adult about the dangers of the pretty blue balloons and how miserable playing with them could get in short order. They were unaware of the danger and we parted with everyone safe. It was good that they were willing to learn from the old timer.

About now we noticed the large bird watching over the beach from some sand dunes back a bit from the water. It was staying very still but every time the OFM looked back, the bird was turned just enough to keep an eye on the Teams.

Watcher of the Dunes

On the walk along the beach we got to visit several other folks. A lady was coming our way and we had seen her a verrry long way down the beach. As she got close we could see she had a plastic bag with things she had gathered in one hand. We had a nice conversation about the lotus seed pods she was collecting. The OFM had notice a lot of them nearer to the dunes than she was walking. So he walked along doing his beach combing and when we spotted a lotus seed pod, he grabbed it and took it to her.

By the time we got to Sierra, She was the proud new owner of several more seed pods. Since then the OFM has seen several of them in the shops in Rockport that have been painted different colors. We guess many folks must like them as decorations.

We took a short break at Sierra and headed out onto the jetty. Headed out is about all we did because the OFM found out his legs did not like the jumbled rocks this day. So we took a few pictures and this one turned out to be a nice one.

It was a bit of a grey day but the Teams had a wonderful time beach combing, taking pictures and visiting other beach folks. It was another excellent day of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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