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Getting Crabby

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
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A generally nice day prevailed for most of the day. The Teams got in a couple of hours of fun but non-productive fishing this afternoon. The sun really busted loose and made a nice day of it. The water had calmed a lot and the visibility was much better, as you will see.

The OFM Fishing Team worked all the bulkheads and breakwaters of the harbor extensively. We had a grand total of zero bites or even fish seen being caught by anyone.  But the day was so nice we did not mind.

When the OFM was walking back in from the breakwater, he turned and looked back and decided that view needed to be in the blog report tonight.

If you are careful on the slippery surfaces, the fishing out there can be good at times. At times when waves are breaking onto or over the breakwater we recommend choosing a different location.

Just after the picture above the OFM noticed some odd movement down among the boulders. It was an orange and black critter. They are called Stone Crab.

 We think that that strong pincer could do serious damage to a hand. Check out the size of that claw! The OFM used to handle them when he was floundering in the Galveston area.

One thing we know for sure, they are really good food. So having a few for lunch can certainly brighten up a day. Put that lunch together with roaming the waterfront on a great day and you are certainly getting close to having tooooo much fun.


  1. Stone Crab claws is without a doubt one of my favorite foods, but unfortunately their very expensive when you get them at a restaurant. It would be cheaper to eat gold nuggets than Stone Crab claws at a restaurant. When I lived in South Florida I could either dive for them myself during the very brief season or friends would sometimes give me a bag of claws. But now I think I could live for a week on what a plate of Stone Crab claws cost at a restaurant.


    1. Thanks for the input Tom. We used to get them while floundering in Galveston Bay in the 50s and 60s.

  2. So, did you get “a few” and have them for lunch? You seem to never eat what you catch.
    I know. You said less work to buy at a store. But, it seems these are very expensive to

  3. Another fun day and some crab for lunch?? yummy

  4. Another day of having tooooo much fun for both you and the Stone Crab.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.