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Fulton Fishing

Adventure Location: Fulton, TX
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Morning came right on time. Breakfast immediately followed. Then it was get out to go fishing. We did not know it but a fun surprise awaited the teams.

The OFM has been having shoulder and elbow pain in his casting arm when he used the 7
foot fishing rod for very long in a session. This morning the shoulder and elbow of his casting arm was still painful. A reasonable decision was made to purchase a shorter rod like he had last year. That was a no pain bit of fishing.

We stopped at Tackle Town and chose a Shimano Sojurn rod in 6‘-6“ length and a slightly heavier action than his other rod. The price of the rod was, of course, cheap if the OFM was going to buy it. The tag said $32.99 and we paid it.

Once over to the Fulton Harbor area Sierra chose a wonderful parking location. The OFM got busy rigging the new rod and chose a Mirrodine lure for the fishing. We headed to the water and along the bulkhead to the prime fishing area.

The OFM got ready for the first cast. Away went the lure. Splash went the lure and WHAM went the trout. Fish on with the first cast, now that is nice. The fish fought well and measured a little over 17 inches. That is well into the legal keeper range for speckled trout.

Since the OFM wanted to try out another style of lure, the lure being fished was changed to a 3“ Storm Wild Eye Shad in Pearl color.  A few casts later and FISH ON again. It was another 17“ speckled trout.

We cast back into the same area a few times and WHAM another trout about the same size was landed. However a picture was forgotten and this fish went back in undocumented.

The OFM decided to try a nearby area that frequently has decent fish also.  We cast around there for a good fifteen minutes before we had a good hookup again. Sure enough it was another 17“ speckled trout. It fought a big battle. It was tired when it went back in to slowly swim away.

After this the Teams decided to head back to the Castle to let the OFM’s arm rest and see how it was feeling.  The great news is that the OFM’s joints pretty well healed with this shorter rod doing the fishing work. The longer rod does make it a bit easier to lift a fish over the rocks in some locations. However the pain and movement restriction well over rides the rock lift assist. Having painless casting and fishing joints is a major asset.
As we were about to leave the Fulton area, the OFM took this picture of the shore area we had been fishing with such good luck. 

Catching fish often is a great way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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