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Big Changes At The State Park

Adventure Location: Mustang Island State Park, TX
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Back to Monday’s adventure. We hit the road to go do beach combing at Mustang Island State Park. It is one of our usual places that is usually rewarding.

When we boarded the ferry, we noticed that it appeared that something had smashed the tops of several of the ferry bumper piling. We could not find out what happened so your guess is a good as ours.

The area fog was thick enough that the condos and stuff on the point of land across the channel were not easily visible. The camera did a find job of getting a bit of a shot from the ferry.

After the right turn in Port Aransas we followed the highway for about fifteen minutes marveling at all the new things that had been finished finally. Hurricane Harvey gave Port A a direct devastating hit but they are coming back very nicely.

We got to the state park in fine fashion and had a nice visit with the entry lady. She did not have an estimate of when all the repair and rebuilding would be finished. But work is steadily moving forward from what we can see.

The camping area is coming along very nicely. When it is finished it will be really nice for camping. The camping is on the inland side of the dunes so it should be a decent experience even if you cannot see the Gulf from your camping spot.

The tides had recently been very high so the normal beach had changed. We did our normal slip and slide in the sand to go onto the beach through the loose entry sand. Then the OFM hit the pause button (brakes).

The beach road was different than we had ever seen it here since 2002. Apparently the State Park had taken some heavy equipment in to move a lot of sand to make a road to get to the Fish Pass Jetties. Notice how the road is notched into the sand dunes. Sierra had to have the seaward tires in the wet zone in a couple of places.

When we arrived at the normal parking area there were some pretty yellow flowers to greet us.

We parked and scouted around a bit since a lot of sand had been changed by the wind and water.  It seemed like a good idea to get our bearings so we would know which way to run if the tide got any higher.  Then it was on to the beach combing and people visiting. More on that tomorrow. It was a good day so far for trying to have tooooo much fun.

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