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Jello Plans

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
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It is finally decided on some travel times. Lots of things have happened, broke, been fixed, sickness and healing and on and on but determination is winning. The new camera needs to do some romping and stomping and the OFM needs a change in scenery (fog, wet and gray) to some SCENERY (dry, flowers and sunshine).

After a lot of deliberation a rolling date has been chosen. We took into consideration the massive restocking the Castle needs. We have been making a point of using up things in the Castle to move older stuff on out. Now it is time for the new things to move in.

Due to the knuckleheadness of the OFM, it has been proven to be wise to “clear the decks of consumables” at least twice a year so our traveling supply will be reasonably fresh. We are sorry to report that our stock of bandaids is still very fresh.

Now on to the travel plans. The main plan is to be in Decatur Alabama on April 29 to report in for grandkid tickling duty for the summer. This gives us a few days to spare when we roll out on March 25. We have a grand plan for a route from Rockport Texas to Decatur, Alabama. It includes a few other possible intermediate locations like 
Datil Well Campground, Datil NM

South Monticello Campground, Elephant Butte NM
Bottomless Lakes State Park, Roswell, NM
San Mateo Mountains, NM
Abilene SP, TX
and maybe some roadside park near Marfa TX that has odd lights at night

Who knows what the actual travels will look like but you can be certain we will be WORKING HARD at trying to have tooooo much fun.

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