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Soundly Defeated

Adventure Location: Rockport, TX
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COLD and dreary is today. At least it was until a decent thought came into the OFM head for a change. The name of the restaurant is NGO’s. It is on the farrrrrr side of Rockport nearly five minutes away. The food is usually very good. Today it was even better. So we made the monster drive for lunch.

The mountain of food bigger than Mount Everest arrived to the onset of fragrances to make you ravenously hungry. Since the OFM was the representative for the Teams he set to work to make us proud. The task was just tooooo much. In the end we requested a to go box.

The box arrived and the OFM went to work with a shovel filling the box. OH NO the box is full but the serving plate is still well occupied. So now we have an OFM tummy bulging with food, a to go box overrunning with food and good food still waiting. UNCLE we cried. The togo box was grabbed and we went to settle the bill. $12 including tip. And we headed to the Castle head hung low in defeat. Little did we realize how defeated until tonight.

Evening gets here and the togo box comes out of the refrigerator, a large bowl from the cabinet and a big meal of food is piled into the bowl to be reheated in the microwave oven. 
The OFM is looking at the open togo box and realizes there is at least two more meals of food left in the togo box.

OK now that is one at the restaurant, one in the microwave, one left on the serving plate at the restaurant and two more in the togo box waiting for enjoying. In our book that adds up to five meals of food for $12.

The microwave dings us and it is chow down time. Nope the OFM could not go back to the togo box for any more. We are soundly defeated. However there is tomorrow for round three. You know, eating well prepared food could be considered a good way of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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