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New Canon Camera

Adventure Location: Fulton, TX
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A new camera replaced the last one today. It is a Canon ELPH180 PowerShot. Most of the afternoon was spent shooting pictures to give the camera a chance to earn a spot on the Teams. It passed with ease just like all the previous PowerShot cameras we have worn out. We will be presenting a few of the pictures that convinced to Teams to unanimously vote to accept the new camera into the OFM Team tonight and tomorrow night.

Distances are numbers we got from Google Earth and are reasonably decent guesses. No, even the OFM was not dumb enough to try to pull a tape measure on all these pictures taken.

This shot is of some foot high waves from about 75 yards away. For all the pictures the camera was hand held. We were well pleased with the clarity of such a shot.

Foot High Splash

Next we tried for the spray thrust up from the bulkhead we were standing near for the first shots. This spray was actually taken with the first attempt. The OFM got lucky because he was way to slow on the next three attempts.

Bulkhead Spray

Back over in another area some small 1/4“ flowers were just starting to bloom. The OFM stood near and hand held about six shots. Four of them were good enough to work with and this one won the face off to be in tonight’s blog. Here is the cute small yellow flowers. The rock was about the size of a tennis ball.

Cute Flowers

At the Fulton docks were lots of boats today since it was later in the day when we got there. This  group of shrimp boats were all cleaned up and resupplied for a fresh early start in the morning.

Fulton Tx Shrimp Boats

The OFM was really happy to have a good camera in hand again. It certainly helps the Teams efforts at trying to have tooooo much fun.

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