Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Toilet Paper Testing


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: April 19, 2024

If you want to see some spectacular desert countryside git yourself on over to .

While piddling around and wishing he was out in the Texas desert somewhere, the OFM stumbled across Al's latest blog entry and found it invigorating as usual. Be careful or you might find it intoxicating reading.

It has been a few years since the OFM has done a toilet tissue break down test his way. The last time we did any testing we found that any “septic safe” toilet paper did the job equally well as long as you moved your rig with the load in the tank down the road giving everything a good sloshing around inside the black tank to break it up. Today we finished our latest test and sure enough the “septic safe” toilet paper still works well if you give it a bit of road action such as going to a dump station. If the black tank sits still like we are now in a full service campground we definitely need a tank flush system to get the toilet paper cleared from the tank. In other words nothing is any better than a few years ago in our opinion.

We have noticed that a lot of newer younger RV travelers feel that they are experts since they watch the you tube Rving stuff and are fond of saying things like “you will understand better after you have been rving longer”. I tell them I started rving in 1972 and have been traveling full time since 2007 so I hope I will get some real experience soon, and giggle at them.

I apologize to our readers over this 11 month long period of truck, trailer and OFM body breakdowns that has held us back from rolling more often. We have again today cleared ourselves to get busy for a short foray westward but we do have some grandkid adventures in this area scheduled for mid- June until late August or early September. Then we hope to meander again.

Everyone have a great day of wonderful enjoyment and be happy.


  1. When we were staying put with our Fifth Wheel that cleaned out the Black Tank. Unfortunately, that does not work on a Travel Trailer.
    Be Safe and Enjoy having tooooo much fun with the grands.

    It's about time.

  2. Instead of traveling all the way to Texas, why not consider picking a few COE's closer to Decatur. You could stay a week at a few of them and still not tow any great distances. Just a thought.

  3. Once again Thank you for the suggestion about the COE parks. Basically I find them boring for me.