Bird Splats Window


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: April 30, 2024

The OFM is thrilled we have something to report today, in fact too much, so tonight we get the high lights.

The OFM was sitting calmly at his spot at the do everything table intently working on something very important of course. A very large bird screamed down in a steep dive and smashed into the window about 18 inches from the OFM's head. CRASH. The OFM jumped and nearly fell out of his chair. Then the bird flailed its wings around a bit and wobbly flew up into a nearby tree. We think it was one of the large owls we occasionally see here. It might have been neat to get a movie of that incident.

Today we are over whelmed with subjects to write about so here is another story of no significance.

Food cost around here at the local eateries is getting way out of hand. So a few months ago the OFM did some nutrition research and found out the Marie Callendar meals are in general fairly balanced meals and pretty good tasting especially if you use your own sauce to spice it up. They are available in many forms needing only a working microwave for preparation. So for about $4-$5 We get a plate of plenty of food with only ten minutes easy work. Tonight's bowl was 550 calories and that leaves the OFM room to have a small bedtime snack before he pulls the covers up to ZZZZZZZ. We have found them usually very tasty and wonderfully easy.

The 2 inches plus of rain we got last night put a lot of water in places where water does hang around. So this morning we made a route to enjoy that did not require webbed feet. We went out the back of the campground and turned north on the last row of camping to catch the paved path around the golf course. The OFM body was feeling decent so we picked up the pace a bit for the whole distance of about 2 miles.

Once we hit the paved path around the golf course we headed west and kept the pace moving along.

The path was freshly washed and easy walking. The fresh new greenery all around us was a pleasant companion for the whole walk.

Now some not great news. The OFM happened to be near a gripe session some summer Rvers were having. It seems that they (five folks) had been trying to lay out campground reservations for their usual trips to see family during the upcoming summer. They were finding that the campgrounds around the country are already booked solid for most of the USA they happened to want to visit this year. So those who travel might need to start firming up some routes they want to travel. Some other boondockers out west that we know have mentioned that the normal boondocking areas are already having more folks than normal, especially in the Arizona and New Mexico areas. And remember that this July is when New Mexico State Parks plan to jack their fees way higher. This is not guaranteed accurate info but usually has enough substance to be worth verifying.

Whew this is a lot more tonight isn't it. Be safe and have some great fun tomorrow.

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