Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Great Morning Walk Today


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: April 20, 2024

The flower bed folks were at it today working on getting the beds planted and ready to call in Springtime to get busy. They were pretty diligent and active for the few minutes we needed to get a couple of pictures.

Later in the day we noticed that they were still in a very productive mode so soon it will be blooms time we hope.

In a short time later we got our act together for a nice walk around a section of the very long walking trails near the campground. Our relatively early start was with cool weather giving us a bit of fog in the picture of the trails current status. Things are shaping up for a nice spring season this year. The trail surfaces weathered the winter storms well and are very walk-able as is. In this picture you can see a light fog in the air and some of the very nice flowers already blooming like crazy. We like it like this.

And here is a very close up of the blossom clusters active today. Lots of other blossom buds are still down in the shrubbery waiting to explode on us.

Animal activities are off to a good start already in the natural environment alongside the trails. We have heard of two grass snake sightings two days ago. The birds are definitely busy birding all over the place except for there being very few birdies on the golf course yet. Giggle giggle.

Then there was this Heron trying to hide from the prying lens of the OFM camera but we caught it anyway.

We finished this afternoons walk by taking bunches of pics to be edited for more OFM blogs and generally having a great beautiful photo taking roam of the new activities areas we will report on soon.

The time of the year is here to get busy out side trying to have tooooo much fun again.


  1. Hi Barney, sounds like a good time enjoying spring. It snowed here today so no flowers for a while. Take care and have fun, pics of spring are welcome.

  2. You have some really nice walking trails in that park.