Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Rain And Walking


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: April 17, 2024

At least we got to do something today. It did do a good bit of raining this morning but the OFM grabbed an umbrella and went walking anyway. And yes he got a bit wet but it was worth the exercise. We meandered down the back campground trail to check the drainage rate from the campground into the river. There was a big surprise in that the draining water was heading into the campground. When we checked later the campground still had a few inches of freeboard so it could handle more water.

Notice the rain drops on the water surface.

Another good thing happened is the OFM decided we would not go for a long walk in the rain so we made this short excursion a high speed walk and his legs liked it. Tonight even they are still feeling fine. It makes the OFM wonder if he needs faster short stretches of hiking more often. We will be experimenting with it.

Then this evening we got in another got short walk of about a mile on pavement and it seemed to be a good thing also. Hopefully this means we have some good recovery in progress.

Along this walk we grabbed two more pictures. As you can see the afternoon walk was dry walking and very nice.

We had a beautiful evening sky to enjoy during the walk.

We also got to see that a new building is being started in the Point Mallard Park General Public part of the area.

We have no idea what is being built.

Then in the afternoon we had a very nice visit with some new campers to the campground who are in the area looking at possibly purchasing a new home in Decatur or the general area. They seem like good folks and the Teams hope they get a home like they want.

That's about it for now. We hope everyone has a great night of rest tonight.

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