Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


New Flowers At Campground Entrance


Adventure Location:

Decatur, Alabama

Date: April 18, 2024

We did not realize the deep three day freeze last winter had done so much damage to the campground as it did. As spring tried to spring a couple of weeks ago it became apparent that some of the beautiful plants in the campground had been badly damaged or killed outright. A few days ago they had been running around with the backhoe cleaning out flower and shrub beds and taking the residue away to the organics dump in the far corner of Pt. Mallard park.

Recently the work on the flower beds and shrubbery areas at the entrance began. We plan to survey the whole place tomorrow to see what else there is to notice. This is a large campground with over 200 sites so it takes a bit.

As you approach the campground entrance there is a stop and right turn to enter. In the middle of the road is a nice planter box to show you that you are here finally. In the box is a cute sign and welcoming flowering plants to make you smile.

The check in parking is to your right as you turn into the campground. It normally is a huge bunch of pretty flowers and bushes but now it is a new display in progress. We are betting it will be beautiful very soon.

Once parked to go check in you are directly across the street from the office that greets you with a bunch of nice flowers to make you feel welcome. Park and come on up the steps to the porch and office entrance. Yep it is nicely air conditioned and yes it is warm enough already to make it feel good inside. For travelers like the OFM the rest rooms are right by the entry doors. Men at the front door and Ladies at the back door. Then you can get checked in by the friendly folks at the counter.

That area should very soon be a wonderfully beautiful plantings of flowering shrubs and blooming plants.

We like it here very much and most any thing you might need is no more than 10 miles away like Walmart, the hospital, restaurants etc. Be careful on the trails and have tooooo much fun.

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