Yea. Stoup Again


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 8-7-2022

An amazingly early start got out on the walking trail in less hot weather this morning. We still chased the shade as much as possible and it felt good. By the time we finished the whole 3 miles the OFM was ready to take some time for resting his leg joints so we took the rest of the day.

Along a bit after lunch time a huge storm front came easing into town to make itself known. As it turned out it was moderate to light rain for a few hours but some impressive thunder crashes. We kept expecting severe rain from the looks of the sky but nothing dramatic in the way of rain happened.

The OFM had a wild thought that we need to make some STOUP again. So we did.

The OFM had a bit of memory trouble getting things done smoothly but we did get it made. Here is the chipped chicken ready to put in the broth.

We like to prepare the meat from frozen right in the pot. The reason is we thaw the meat in the water that will also be used in the stoup. The water gets spices of choice put into it while it is boiling to cook the meat. Then when the meat is done and cut up for the start of the stoup, the broth is already spiced to perfection for the preparations yet to happen.

Here you can see the Knorr package we used for today. Stoup is never spiced the same so there is fun in the choosing what for this time.

Since this was a spontaneous meal, the do everything table was still occupied while the stoup was being competed at the stove and sink area.

Eventually we got the food finished and it appeared to be ready for the feasting to begin.

We can say for sure we need to do more STOUP preparing because the OFM thinks preparing STOUP is one of the best ways of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Hope you didn't splash anything on that nice drawing! Supper looks quite good!!

  2. I like the idea of cooking the meat in the water you're going to use for the mix... you could use sausage in place of the chicken for something different.
    I'm going to remember that, I like one pan meals too!

  3. I use lots of different meats and most of them are good.

  4. Making meals from scratch is a great way for having tooooo much fun. And it's tasty too.
    Nice looking Flower.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your stoup.

    It's about time.