Morning Peace

Morning  Peace




Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 8-28-2022

This morning was a step back on recovery it seemed. To our surprise this evening we were able to use the right eye to actually see to some extent. That was a wonderful surprise.

We made several short walks today at a slightly faster speed and that was another wonderful surprise.

Then late afternoon we took a walk down to the soccer fields and their were three practice games going on with folks hollering and screaming at the action going on. It was great to see the folks having a good time.

We walked gently around part of the perimeter of the field and happened to look into a line of brush and trees next to the field fence line. Here is what we found.

A bit of nosing around and this turned to out to be one of the two ditches that drain the part of the campground that is low and floods. No wonder it floods down at that end of the campground. That is a pretty difficult flow path for water to get through there. The ditch is a few hundred feet long before it dumps into Flint Creek which is very wide and workable.

Meanwhile it sounds like the soccer players have been doing a great job of trying to have tooooo much fun.

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  1. OK then. A bit of encouragement today. That's always nice. Sometimes things are so slow.....but a nice development today...