Nothing To Do?


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 8-14-2022

Another exciting day went flying past in an instant. We cannot conceive how a retired person can have boring days. The OFM hit a minute “of nothing to do” he thought and kind of if there was something he could do for fun. So he sat here at the table and considered. Within a couple of minutes he gave up and got busy. The list of fun stuff yet to do was already longer than the Castle in that few minutes.

One thing to do was clean out the computer stored files “for later”. So here tonight is a tale of a walk not long ago that went into the later on file.

We do not recall the details of the walk but it certainly had a few nice pictures taken along the creek side.

The first one is of a cluster of vegetation along the waterfront trail a few days ago. There are several types of vegetation in the cluster but it combined to make a down right pretty arrangement. It was the only cluster of that much color in one spot on the whole trail that morning. We took several shots from different angles and with and with out fill in flash. This was our choice of the best shot.

This picture of a rotten tree is just a small section of the tree right next to the same trail. The tree is rotten to the core all the way from near the ground up to about forty feet high. All of the tree is dead and has been for several years but the lower section in the picture where it is rotten through and through and just waiting for a chance go on and lay down on something.

This next picture of the beautiful red-orange flower was taken in the flower bed next to the Campground Office temporary parking for checking in to camp. They keep that bed glorious for greeting new campers.

Then scattered at a few places around the campground are these beautiful pink roses that bloom almost all year long.

And that is just four of the interesting sights we found on one morning walk recently. Yep there is a lot of ways of trying to have tooooo much fun doing things.

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