Morning Sun




Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 8-16-2022

So here we are on the way to Walmart with a shopping list short in length and long in importance. As we are approaching the main intersection in the whole town of Decatur Al about 1430 there is a LOUD bang on the driver side door and the driver side window politely rolls down. Immediately the self diagnostics of Sierra notify the OFM that he needs to roll the window down and then back up,

The OFM hits the down button and creates all sorts of wild noises. Then he hits the up button and more wild noise emits from the door. About now the traffic light turns green and away we roll wondering how big a fortune we will need to get this fixed.

One downside of being a full time Rver is not having any idea where to go for repairs you cannot do your self. Since we had just passed the dealer we had once several years used with good satisfaction we did some flopping around and headed back to the dealer to see what our situation is.

The service writer was fantastic and helpful and really knew how to calm down a distraught ancient old man down. Since it was late in the day we had no idea what to do about a couple of things and he had wonderful answers for everything.

As it turns our he had a man free to take Sierra in right then. Diagnose the problem quickly and determine they had time to fix it before quitting time. In a reasonable amount of time he came back to tell us that the part required was in stock and the price $$$$$$$ for the part and estimated labor.

The OFM did a quick YES and he went away to get the repair working. In a very reasonable time Sierra was brought out ready to leave as soon as the $500.50 bill was “credit carded”. And away we went to Walmart as originally planned. And breakfast will be nice in the morning.

Back at the Castle we found the computer would not work properly. My computer genius Kiddo and I worked on getting it going to no avail and decided that I needed to bring the gear over to his house tomorrow evening so he could look at some details in person. He also posted a comment in the blog of last night that we were out of commission. As you can see the OFM finally found a big enough hammer to get the computer fixed also. So it has been an interesting great day of trying to have tooooo much fun getting things fixed.


  1. I'm guessing that computer genius would be your son. Good that you were able to get the window fixed so quickly. I hooe you are having a good Wednesday.