Need A Name


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 8-12-2022

We did a lot of walking and looking today in the area. The OFM was looking for pictures to paint. We have many photos but we have not sorted them yet.

We also spent a lot of time working on a painting and got it to completion late this afternoon. It is a 4”x6” painting that we have been messing with for several months deciding exactly how we wanted the painting to look. A choice was made and we worked diligently to get it finished before supper.

Tomorrow is visiting the relatives day so we need to get a few things ready yet. Please enjoy the painting and suggest a name for it.

It was a busy day of trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. Don't mess with me when the moon is full!

  2. The banner photograph has an unusual look. It's as if the water was something thicker than water -- like clear molten rippley plastic. And interesting effect.

  3. Happy birthday, Barney, from Thomas in Kentuckiana.

  4. How about "Nightwatch"? Not real original but hey, best I could do. Glad you enjoy your artwork!

  5. Happy Birthday Barney! "Reporting for Duty Sir" sounds good to me. I had a Great-horned owl that looks a lot like this one sitting on she-pergola in our backyard last night.