Grade C Day Start


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 8-30-2022

We hit the bed after a grade A day on the eye recovery. When it was time to get up this morning we were back to a grade C day and one eyeing it around the Castle. However we worked gently on opening the right eye often and other things like forcing both eyes to open while walking. By evening we were back to grade A both eyes working again.

Late this evening the OFM Team went on a walk near the water places around here looking for photo opportunities while walking some more. We shot a bunch of pictures that did not work out at all but we have four that are not bad at all.

For a change we will just put the pictures up for viewing. There is three shot for the reflections and one for the yellow tree.

It was a good exercise for the OFM in choosing scenes for painting. Please let us know if any of them seem nice to you or you do not like one at all.

One thing for sure, we had fun doing something different like this effort trying to have tooooo much fun.


  1. I really liked the reflections....maybe the first one best, because it the reflections are not as sharp and somehow to me look more mysterious! Glad you eyes got better. You do such good work with them I do hope you can have less and less trouble as time goes by.

  2. #3, and the up-side down tree!

  3. the third reflection seems the most interesting
    the Ol'Buzzard