Morning Peace

Morning  Peace


Finished The Potato Finally


Adventure Location: Decatur, Al

Today's Date: 8-10-2022

What a day this has been! The morning was 74F when we started out on the walk. It was early enough we had shade most of the way around the golf course until we got around to the soccer field and a rain storm opened up on us. We ducked onto the porch of the nice restroom at the field. We spent about a half hour watching the rain and listening to the thunder and flinching at the very close lightening.

Here is the grand view we had.

When the rain slowed a bunch we cut through the campground to the castle and comfort. The area needed the rain so it was a good thing overall. And the lightening show was close and fun to watch.

After working on the latest art effort for a couple of hours we got out some more of the Lawlers potato for lunch and added a bit of BBQ sauce to the piece we heated up. It was excellent and it left enough to be supper tonight.

During one of the intermissions from the lightening show the OFM grabbed the blower and ladder and we blew about three inches of pine needles off the Castle's roof. Those wet needles took a bit of blower effort to clear them from the roof.

We also blew off the campsite again and that makes for a lot less tracked into the Castle.

Then the current art effort was finished. It was mounted temporarily in a frame we had. It will be given a proper mounting when we get the time to do it right.

The storms are still entertaining us tonight as the OFM is trying to rest from all the trying to have tooooo much fun today.